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Welcome to Animal Magic Bicester


Founded in 2003, Animal Magic Bicester is the longest-established and first privately-owned and dedicated pet sitting and dog walking company to serve Bicester and its surrounding villages.
With hundreds of regular customers, we have experience with a wide range of animals, from hamsters and tortoises to horses and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs – and, of course, cats and dogs. See our Cats, Other Pets and Dogs pages for more information.
Caring for pets in their home environment means minimal disruption to their daily routine and peace of mind for you, especially as part of our service is to care for your home in your absence.


Caring for your home in your absence gives you peace of mind. Included in each visit is making sure the post and any packages are safe. Curtains are opened and closed, lights are turned on and off – we even talk to Alexa!
Bins are put out and collected, and house plants and gardens can be watered during the warmer weather.


We are fully insured and DBS-checked; and before our first visit, we will meet you and your pets to introduce ourselves, learn routines and get to know you all!




Meet Rachael

Animal Magic Bicester  

“I don’t remember one day of my life that I have not lived with a pet.
In childhood, there were Mickey and Squeaky the guinea pigs, Fred and Scampy the bunnies,
Mitsy, Marmalade, Petra and Ginger the pussycats, and Pepper and Minstrel the horses.
After graduating, I worked in Public Relations, then backpacked around the world for a couple of years.
During this time, I often gave my daily food budget to a pregnant cat in Indonesia (she loved a bowl of sardines!), befriended elephants in Thailand, fed bananas to orang-utans in Sumatra, rode horses and swam with dolphins in
New Zealand, and travelled hundreds of miles across South America to find the most amazing
colony of Magellanic penguins! After travelling, I could not return to the corporate world
and decided to follow my passion – animals, a
nd Animal Magic was born!
Nowadays, holidays always include a visit to the local animal sanctuary. The European waif and stray cats always seem to find me and I end up in the cat food aisle in the local supermarket!”


“I often gave my daily food budget to a pregnant cat in Indonesia-

(she loved a bowl of sardines!)”