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Animal Magic Bicester looks after all kinds of pets.

Bunnies, hamsters, and guinea pigs all have their homely creature comforts. Exotics such as bearded dragons need their vivariums at home. Many of them need a supply of fresh food which can be easily topped up.

Pets are always happier at home with their own smells, familiar surroundings and no stress.

If you are away overnight or on a long holiday we can visit your home to take care of their needs. This means they can stay at home and carry on with their daily routine.

We visit as many times a day as you wish and meet their needs, however diverse. Food and water, keeping them clean, administering medication if needed, play, entertainment and fuss are all part of the visit too.

Visits are tailored to yours and your pet’s requirements.  Please get in touch with any queries regarding meeting
your needs and pricing.

We are fully insured and DBS-checked; and before our first visit, we will meet you and your pets to introduce ourselves, learn routines and get to know you all!


Caring for your home in your absence gives you peace of mind.  Included in each visit is making sure the post and any packages are safe.  Curtains are opened and closed, lights are turned on and off – we even talk to Alexa!
Bins are put out and collected, and house plants and gardens can be watered during the warmer weather.


Animal MAgic Bicester


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“Animal Magic have lovingly looked after our band of pets for several years, including cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, geese, lizards …”

Sally Taylor 


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