The pandemic has meant we have had more time on our hands than usual. We asked our customers to sum up
Animal Magic in five words. The wonders of technology have allowed us to put the feedback into a WordCloud.

Animal Magic Bicester

“We first approached Rachael at Animal Magic in 2003 and she is still caring for our cats when we are away on tour. We love their unique blend of kindness, compassion and common sense coupled with experience and intelligence. Our cats are extremely important to us and we want them to stay in their home environment with as little disruption as possible when we have to work away on tour.

We have five cats, all of whom are fairly high maintenance in that they like a lot of attention and require various medication, different diets and supervision. Since we have used Animal Magic we are able to go on tour without worrying unduly about the cats. Rachael cares for each animal as if it were her own important family member. As well as the love she lavishes upon them she and her team have the experience and expertise to administer medicines and an astute eye to notice any small changes in health and behaviour. We get a daily progress report which really puts our minds at rest.

Apart from the cat care, Animal Magic offers the invaluable security service of drawing curtains, bringing in the post, taking and passing messages on and watering the garden and house plants.
We have had a multi-cat household for over 25 years now and can honestly say that Animal Magic is the best cat sitting service we have used and has real empathy with the animals.”

Jane and Alaster Bentley

“As a regular client of Animal Magic for over 15 years I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Over this time we have had five golden retrievers taken for walks by Animal Magic who are untiring in their work, totally reliable and deliver an excellent service.
I have used pet sitting services for years and have never before come across such dedicated individuals. They have never let us down and in fact have voluntarily helped us out with vet visits, feeding and medication. They even go so far as to remember the dogs’ birthdays! They are genuine animal lovers and I trust them and their judgement implicitly.
Even when my husband and I regularly worked from home we continued to use Animal Magic and our dogs sat by the front door eagerly waiting for their walk.
They take minimal holidays each year and give plenty of warning of dates. They also provide useful feedback on health and behaviour.
I cannot recommend Animal Magic more highly.”

Sandra Davies, Belle, Kaspar, Oscar, Sadie and Harry

“Animal Magic have lovingly looked after our band of pets for several years,
including cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, geese, lizards and of course the goldfish.
Rachael has been consistently brilliant and professional in her care and attention to all of them, including giving medication, hunting for wayward moggies and even watering the plants .

Thoroughly recommend !”

Sally Taylor


“Caring for your pets as if they were our own”


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Animal Magic Bicester